I'm Ryan "ReverendRyu" Jackson . . .

. . . and creativity has always been my passion. I'm currently working as a freelance illustrator & design consultant; I also retail my own merchandise online & design promotional materials for select organisations. I'm available for copywriter positions and commissions, as well as for digital strategy consultations, design briefs, artworking contracts and similar projects.

Prior to my freelance work, my most recent major role was as Art Director & Project Supervisor for Final Fantasy VII: The Web Series, a motion picture project based in the U.S.. This entailed managing a team of world-class artists, to produce designs for print and retail online. I also directed marketing for the project - including a full digital media strategy, which I created and executed, paying particular attention to social media engagement & evaluation. This proved to be invaluable experience that I have since employed in various other similar contracts. Outside of my work, I enjoy painting, gaming, hiking and a good cup of coffee.

Please use the menu to navigate the portfolio pages, visit my store, and to contact me for any work required. A copy of my CV can be downloaded via this link.